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Lisa Cecil, PT, CCIPreviously on TodayinPT.com, members of the rehab staff at Lakeland Regional Health in Lakeland, Fla., introduced the unique concept of The Bannasch Institute for Advanced Rehabilitation Medicine. Set to open in August 2015, the Bannasch Institute is just one piece of the overall redesign of the entire continuum of care to reflect best practice.

As part of our commitment to improve the lives of our patients, Lakeland Regional also created an early mobility program in our trauma intensive care unit (TICU) that could be modified to fit each ICU and medical floor of the hospital.

Mobilizing our most complex patients as early as safely possible allows our patients the best possibility for success during their advanced inpatient rehabilitation and ultimately enables them to return to their daily routines.

When opportunity knocks

Traditionally, mobility interventions are performed in the medical-surgical floors of hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient centers, inpatient acute rehab hospitals and home health settings. A current trend is early mobility in intensive care units; specifically, mobilizing the critically ill who may rely on ventilators and other devices for life support. When I started working with Lakeland Regional, an early mobility program (EMP) did not yet exist. Although it can be a daunting task to start a program, the need was obvious as was the potential patient benefit, and an interprofessional taskforce was formed to develop a program.

We started our EMP pilot program in TICU in November 2014 after six months of preparatory work. Since November, we have rolled out the program to our general/cardiac ICU and three medical floors of the hospital. The program has been overwhelmingly successful and well-received by patients and their families as well as team members and, as expected, is fostering new initiatives in mobility throughout the hospital.

Engaging and rewarding

The early mobility program initiative embodies what I love about Lakeland Regional Health. The commitment to excellence for the sake of our patients, combined with highly engaged, dedicated co-workers and organizational support from our leaders makes Lakeland Regional a great place to work. In fact, Lakeland Regional Health is one of just 36 companies in the world to receive the 2014 Gallup Great Place to Work Award.

I have worked in acute care for several years, including spending time in large university health systems, and I have to say there is just something different about Lakeland Regional Health. It is a special organization dedicated not only to serving a community in need but also to advancing the future of healthcare. As for me, I know I’ve found my home.

Please feel free to contact me at Lisa.Cecil@LRMC.com.

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