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Therapists’ lost creativity: Can we find an antidote?

During my on-site visits to check on students’ progress during their clinical internships, I could not help but notice a consistent pattern among some of the therapists I observed. In several of the skilled nursing facilities where my students were assigned for their clinical rotation, I observed that PTs and [...]

The glittered red ribbon

In September, I wrote a column titled, “A second bite at the apple,” which discussed whether PTs should accept gifts from patients or a patient’s family members. Reactions from readers were mixed. Some agreed PTs should not accept gifts because the practice could be perceived as causing a favorable bias [...]

A physical therapist’s gold kryptonite

I met Wendy back at PT school in the Philippines, where we became very good friends. Along with a number of other classmates, we used to spend countless hours studying and memorizing physical therapy terminologies, muscle origins and insertions, goniometric measurements, lab values, etc. I recall Wendy having a great [...]

A second bite at the apple

Every clinical facility in which I practiced physical therapy had a policy that addresses how staff should handle gifts offered by patients: a “no acceptance” policy. For the most part, the policy is there to maintain a therapeutic and professional relationship between the therapist/clinician and the patient. The goal is [...]

Doors and windows

Nelson Marquez, PT, EdD Recently, I had a patient who was medical missionary. Geoff had travelled to the most remote parts of the world and experienced the harshest conditions; however, these never deterred him from his goal of providing medical care to individuals who would otherwise not receive [...]

PTs plan to converge on Capitol Hill

More than 1,100 PTs, PTAs and physical therapy students from across the U.S. will converge June 4 on Washington, D.C., for PT Day on Capitol Hill, according to a news release. Among the top issues motivating participants is Congress’ recent decision not to include a permanent repeal of the Medicare [...]

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The world’s best $147 bicycle

Nelson Marquez, PT, EdD, Physical Therapy Editor I have had a peculiar history with bicycles. I first learned how to ride one when I graduated from sixth grade. The bicycle was a graduation gift from my parents. Because there were no training wheels, my father steadied the bicycle [...]