Get moving! Exercise helps arthritis management

New research confirms exercise is helpful in preventing cartilage damage caused by arthritis and is a beneficial treatment for arthritis management.
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Stroke patients benefit from virtual reality in healthcare

Virtual reality in healthcare for the treatment of patients after a stroke is a new recovery approach physical therapists can use.
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CDC updates pediatric concussion guidelines

With professional football playoffs in full swing, concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries are top of mind for many across the U.S.
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Learn how to address LGBTQ healthcare concerns

It is important for physical therapists to be aware of the many disparities that exist for the LGBTQ community and engage appropriately with those patients.
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Hospital falls can cost big dollars

As healthcare professionals, we intuitively know patient falls are a big issue for hospitals. So it’s not surprising that hospital falls have become a hot topic during the past few years.

Since 2008, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have modified the reimbursement structure of payment, denying or limiting hospital reimbursement […]

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Physical therapy effectively manages chronic pain

We have all heard about the growing opioid addiction problem in the U.S. as people seek to manage their chronic pain.

Nine people die every day from overdosing on opioids, according to The National Institute of Health.

The NIH also reports 21% to 29% of patients who use opioids misuse them.

How physical […]

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Pelvic dysfunction is more common than you think

Many orthopedic and neurological problems are commonly known to be treated by physical therapists, such as low back pain, strokes and post-operative rehabilitation. However, one fairly common problem that affects one in four women is not openly discussed - pelvic dysfunction and incontinence.
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Therapeutic modalities supported

As physical therapists, along with other rehabilitation professionals, we feel the services we provide always have our patients’ best interests at heart. But sometimes the efficacy of certain modalities comes into question in this age of research-supported treatment.

In the August 2017 issue of the Journal of the American Academy […]

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Proper bracing support improves patient outcomes

Bracing has been an important adjunct to therapy interventions for decades, and the science behind bracing continues to advance. The scope and technology of the bio-mechanics has assisted in positive outcomes of patients from simple braces to multi-joint, hinged and assisted bracing.

Proper support through bracing can greatly improve and […]

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On the go

Functional training and working on activities of daily living are integral aspects of physical therapy and rehabilitation. As PTs, we are always looking for ways and devices to make our treatment sessions more efficient and applicable to daily life. One of the newer inventions making headlines was invented at […]

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