Season of change

In January 2013, my editor’s note focused on my involvement with feeding the homeless, as part of my social consciousness, over the holidays. Toward the end of that note, I asked the question: “What had other physical therapists done that was outside the box and that left a positive […]

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Knowledge can provide comfort

Earlier this fall my son injured his shoulder while playing football, and I had to take him for an arthrogram. As a physical therapist, I have a good understanding of the procedure and what it is designed to show, or hopefully, not show in his case.

Having had the procedure […]

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Writing on the wall

It has been my habit since I started teaching to turn the TV on as low background noise while grading my students’ papers. This seems to increase my focus and efficiency.

Several weeks ago, I turned the TV on to prepare to grade my students’ most recent essays. I flipped […]

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Brand recognition

Last Father’s Day, while playing tennis with my father, a 7-year-old boy approached me to ask if he could have a tennis ball to play with. I said yes and told him to choose whichever ball he liked. As he started to pick up a ball, he stopped and […]

Golden advice

During a recent trip to South Florida, I had dinner in a local restaurant, soaking in the culinary flavors of Miami. Seated in a booth, I couldn’t help but overhear the lively conversation of six “mature and experienced” ladies at the table next to me. Their mannerisms and interactions […]

Not so different

Recently, I worked with a group of foreign-trained physical therapists preparing to sit for their licensing exams. They had been in the U.S. for only a short time. What was revealed during our interactions was quite interesting. They have the same desires and aspirations that I had (and still […]