Lessons from a pink flowering tree

A few months ago, I found myself mediating an argument between two physical therapists — Simoun, an orthopedic practitioner, and Rosa, a neurotherapist. Their argument was centered on whether patients who sustained neurologic insults, such as a CVA, can recover their functions. When I investigated how this argument began, […]

Bank visit leads to tutorial on robotics, healing touch

One Saturday morning, I stood in this long line of customers at a local bank. I was the 18th customer, standing in this maze of bends and curves that hid the part in the line ahead. I occupied myself by estimating how long it would take to get to […]

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The winning hand

One of the social events organized by our recreational therapist seems to be our patients’ favorite: tabletop games. Patients look forward to this activity, scheduled every Wednesday afternoon. For this, the therapist divides the patients into small groups based on their interests. Some play Scrabble. Some play Monopoly. Others […]

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Therapists’ lost creativity: Can we find an antidote?

During my on-site visits to check on students’ progress during their clinical internships, I could not help but notice a consistent pattern among some of the therapists I observed.

In several of the skilled nursing facilities where my students were assigned for their clinical rotation, I observed that PTs and […]

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The glittered red ribbon

In September, I wrote a column titled, “A second bite at the apple,” which discussed whether PTs should accept gifts from patients or a patient’s family members. Reactions from readers were mixed. Some agreed PTs should not accept gifts because the practice could be perceived as causing a favorable […]

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A physical therapist’s gold kryptonite

I met Wendy back at PT school in the Philippines, where we became very good friends. Along with a number of other classmates, we used to spend countless hours studying and memorizing physical therapy terminologies, muscle origins and insertions, goniometric measurements, lab values, etc. I recall Wendy having a […]

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A second bite at the apple

Every clinical facility in which I practiced physical therapy had a policy that addresses how staff should handle gifts offered by patients: a “no acceptance” policy.

For the most part, the policy is there to maintain a therapeutic and professional relationship between the therapist/clinician and the patient. The goal is […]

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Doors and windows

Recently, I had a patient who was medical missionary. Geoff had travelled to the most remote parts of the world and experienced the harshest conditions; however, these never deterred him from his goal of providing medical care to individuals who would otherwise not receive proper health care.

Every interaction with […]

On being a good PT and neighbor

During one of the few weekends that I was able to tend to my yard, I saw my next door neighbor whom I had not visited for awhile. I learned that his wife, Mrs. Jones, sustained a stroke a couple of months ago and he requested if I could […]

PTs plan to converge on Capitol Hill

More than 1,100 PTs, PTAs and physical therapy students from across the U.S. will converge June 4 on Washington, D.C., for PT Day on Capitol Hill, according to a news release.

Among the top issues motivating participants is Congress’ recent decision not to include a permanent repeal of the Medicare […]

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