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Are last-minute CEUs like the running of the bulls?

Depending on which state you are licensed to practice in as a PT or PTA, specific requirements for renewing your license is spelled out in your state’s PT practice act. In Florida, for example, 24 continuing education hours (equal to 2.4 CEUs) are required every two years. Additional guidelines […]

The moral compass and a message from a fortune cookie

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit an educational institution in the southern region of the U.S. for a speaking engagement. I was informed by the event organizers that I would have a large audience — about 100 students. The organizers assured me that all of […]

PT + Technology = Physical “Tech-rapy”

During the past holiday season, the top three questions that patients and friends asked me were the following:

What do you want for Christmas?
What did you get for Christmas?
Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?

My responses to these questions tended to be consistent: “Nothing in particular,” “Lots of different […]

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My Brother’s Keeper: Part II

Last month, I shared with you my experience working with a homeless patient and how indifferent some individuals could be toward him. I considered my having worked with him as my way of giving back, which I had always done for several years during the holidays.

I couple of weeks […]

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My Brother’s Keeper: Part I

A couple of weeks ago, I was requested by our school administrators to work on assessing the effectiveness of one of our campus initiatives called “My Brother’s Keeper.” This project was initiated three years ago to address the needs of homeless students enrolled in our institution.

My orientation to the […]

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PT 101: Artistry in physical therapy

“Physical therapy is the art and science of treatment using various therapeutic modalities to alleviate patients’ symptoms, address physical dysfunctions, and to assist patients in achieving their highest rehabilitation potential.”
I still remember memorizing this statement in preparation for my interview for PT school in the mid-80s. I thought that […]

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In search of a new question: Why can’t we?

Aug. 11 marked my 25th year of living and working in the U.S., having arrived here to work as a contract physical therapist in 1989. In celebrating my 25th year, I decided to drive to Jacksonville, Fla., where most of my former roommates and best friends chose to establish themselves. […]

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What it takes to ‘produce’ a physical therapist

Last May, I attended a graduation event for one of my mentees, JC. The event is the culmination of his three years of physical therapy education. As I sat in the audience listening to speeches, mixed with the sniffling of family members, I wondered: “What did it take for […]

A lesson from angry birds

I went home one afternoon, disturbed by the status of a new patient whom I evaluated and treated earlier during the day. She said she was seen by a therapist from another clinic for the last six weeks for her orthopedic-related symptoms and dysfunctions; however, she did not see […]

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The proof is in the research

One of my patients went for her regular checkup with her family physician and was directed to undergo several routine lab tests, which she agreed to. On the day that she was scheduled to meet with her physician for her test results, she requested that I accompany her. She […]